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Distinguished Members, Ladies and Gentlemen

For the past fourteen years, FULM Savings House has sent out the message Different from the others by providing faster, simpler and high- quality access to financial services.
The business policy and strategy of FULM Savings House is based on continuous implementation of new products and services which correspond to the needs and expectations of more than 7.700 members. Despite the many challenges we face, we are exceptionally proud that the key to our success is the trust that our members have in us.
During these 14 years, the employees, the Managing Board of FULM Savings House and the Association of Citizens FULM, WOCCU (World Council of Credit Unions), Michigan Credit Union League - MCUL, USAID and Poland League of Credit Unions - SKOK unselfishly and thoroughly supported the operating of FULM Savings House.
FULM is a synonym for successful small financial institution on the Macedonian financial market.

With our financial services to a better quality of life.

Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrovik
General Manager FULM Savings House

Dear friends

World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is an international trade organization whose main goal is to develop savings and credit unions trough the whole world. World Council of Credit Unions insures help for countries which develop systems of savings and credit unions trough educational, technical and legislative support.
All of the employees in WOCCU are especially proud for one of our real successes in developing savings and credit unions. FULM Savings House is internationally used like example of innovative and progressive credit union.
WOCCU gave huge and important support to FULM in more areas: marketing, internal auditing, training, making book of rules, informational technology and opening new branches, which reflected positive on financial work in the FULM Savings House.

Sincerely, we believe that FULM Savings House will continue in the future with developing financial services for all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia.

Martha Ninichuk
Credit Union, USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

During the last years, for our general satisfaction FULM Savings House realized all development programs. Difficult situation in which was our country, previously lost confidence in banks and imperfection of law regulative were challenges with which we like institution constantly confronted.
Meanwhile, technical assistance by the World Consul of Credit Unions WOCCU, financial support by the United States Agency for International Development USAID, our partnership with the Michigan Credit Union League MCUL, the People Help People Programme and cooperation with the Foundation for Polish Credit Unions followed with quality education of staff was the key to face with all challenges.
Our future is education for our young staff, which gives special mark of the FULM Savings House.

Our future is in the bigger number of young members, which approach to FULM with desire for permanently cooperation.

Stevo Androvic
President of AC FULM Managing Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

FULM Savings House, during this as well as in previous years, continued to successfully realize its strategy in the direction of satisfying the needs for saving and lending of all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
The main determination of the FULM Savings House Managing Board was and still is identical to previous years, i.e. high level of liquidity, satisfactory level of profitability and high level of credit risk management.
FULM Savings House Managing Board continually enriches the range of credit and deposit products, and at the same time, intensifies the already existing products enabling its members faster, simpler and high-quality access to financial services.
Confirmation for the successful operation of FULM Savings House is the fact that more than 8,000 members expressed their trust by using our services.

In agreement with our vision, the support of our founder as well as the recommendations from our business partners
(USAID, WOCCU, MCUL), FULM Savings House will carry on with continual development of financial
services in favor of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

Zulfi Dzaferi
President of FULM Savings House Managing Board



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