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World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is the leading international trade association and development agency for credit unions worldwide. Operating under its vision of “Quality Credit Unions for Everyone,” WOCCU promotes the sustainable development of credit unions to empower people around the world to grow through access to high quality, affordable financial services. WOCCU is funded by government agency and foundation grants, member dues and annual gifts from WOCCU Supporters. World Council of Credit Unions and its subsidiaries are headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States. WOCCU also has a permanent office in Washington, DC, and program offices worldwide.

Development Agency

WOCCU's technical assistance programs strengthen credit unions in 15 countries. WOCCU international development programs assist credit unions and national/regional associations with rebuilding during and after conflict, providing access to the underserved, developing integrated business networks, supporting communities at risk, reconstructing after disaster and encouraging legislative reform and regulatory system development.

Trade Association

Worldwide, more than 46,000 credit unions in 97 countries serve 172 million people. The regional and national credit union and financial cooperative associations affiliated with World Council represent 73 countries across the globe.
WOCCU advocates for credit union-appropriate legislation and regulation with governments worldwide. WOCCU also tracks credit union statistics, publishes Credit Union World magazine, sponsors International Credit Union Day each October and hosts annual regional technical conferences and the World Credit Union Conference.
Through WOCCU's International Partnerships program, U.S. leagues and credit unions provide operational expertise and advice on information technology requirements to their developing partners. In return, many developing partners advise U.S. credit unions on how best to serve the growing immigrant population in the United States.


WOCCU's Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions manages the WOCCU Supporter program . WOCCU Supporter contributions provide much needed relief to credit unions and their members after disasters, address priority needs and foster innovation throughout the international credit union system.

Products & Services

The International Remittances Network (IRnet®) is a platform for credit unions to provide members and potential members around the world with access to safe and affordable international and domestic money transfers (remittances).
World Council's PEARLS Monitoring System is a set of financial ratios or indicators that help standardize terminology between institutions. It offers management guidance for credit unions and other savings institutions and serves as a supervisory tool for regulators.
WOCCU Services Group (WSG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of WOCCU. It supports World Council in various for-profit endeavors such as card services and shared branching.

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