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Womens leaders FORUM


25  2016

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It was 2004, when young woman came to our branch and spoke shyly: Im a student, and I need to pay participation for faculty next month. Is there any possibility for me, to get a loan, because my mum is a single parent, and I dont want to increase a load on her. I want to pay my studies on my own. You know, Im working in the near coffee shop, and I could repay loan by myself.

She was our first student female member.

Thats why we are here, to help and empower people! In this occasion, we want to inspire and empower women in Macedonia, to give them opportunity for professional and personal growth, and to connect them with credit union women all over the world, through our FULM Macedonia Womens leaders Forum, as a part of Global Womens leadership network ( and World Council of Credit Union (

Event: FULM Macedonia womens leaders FORUM
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Supported by: FULM Savings House, FULM Citizens Association, WOCCU, GWLN, PSCU and Mitchell Stankovic & Associates
Date: June 25, 2016 in 12:00 noon
Location: Skopje, Zebra Center, Queens hotel, Conference hall

Network GWLN connects credit union women around the world and engages them in professional and personal development through online and in-person educational platforms. The Network offers international perspectives on the common challenges we all face around the globe. By interacting with other professionals in a business forum, women can access unlimited numerous resources and learn from the experiences of their peers.

Note to Editors: FULM Savings House ( and Facebook; Linked In; Youtube/FULM Savings house) on Macedonian financial market is present since 1999, when Credit union movement was implemented in Macedonia, by WOCCU project ( financially supported by USAID ( ). In the past years, FULM Savings house, trough its branches all over Macedonia e.t in Skopje, Kavadarci, Bitola, Strumica and Tetovo, realized over 22.000 credit lines to: employed and unemployed people, university students, pensioners and farmers, in summary amount over 1,5 billion denars. FULM Savings House Is a member of WOCCU, with headquarter in Madison, USA, one of the European Credit union network founders, in Brussels, Belgium, Michigan Credit union league partner, ( and Credit union association in Poland (

Bonus information: 88 % of all FULM Savings house employees are women, 72% of all managers are women, and 83% of all internships are women.

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