Loans for individuals who are not members of AC FULM


Target group

Unemployed, Employees, Pensioners, Farmers и Students

Loan amount • up to 150.000 MKD – denar loan*
Repayment period • 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 и 72 months
Security • Endorser/s,
• Verification of bill of exchange in the form of notary act
Interest rate Annual variable interest rate** (SVT)
Repayment • Monthly by paying annuities (monthly installments)

• Possibility for a repayment mode by which the interest is paid on monthly basis

Fees • According to FULM Savings House pricelist on the day the contract is concluded
Minimum loan criteria • Individuals, citizens of the Republic of Macedonia
Minimum required documents when applying for loan • Copy of valid ID card or passport of the borrower and endorser/s

• Verified certificate for net salary and existing bans for net salary from the endorser/s

•Completely filled in loan application forms

Advantages • Instant payment
• No fee is charged for premature repayment of the loan

(Starting from 01.09.2015 all the newly approved loans, will not have currency clause protection from devaluation. All loans disbursed until 31.08.2015 have currency devaluation protection.)

**Annual variable interest rate

In compliance with the applicable regulations, FULM Savings House LLC Skopje regularly announces the current annual rates on its website, bulletin boards at teller-windows in branches and via the media. (Annual rates of total costs)

The savings house approves loans and prolongations with a variable and / or fixed interest rate. The changeable interest rate is calculated as the sum of the last significant reference interest rate (30 June and 31 December) increased or decreased by appropriate percentage points. The interest rate will be reviewed in accordance with the semi-annual change in the reference interest rate published by the NBRM. On the day of the change in the interest rate, the savings house discloses important interest rates in the Decision. The fixed interest rate is unchanged for the stated loan period

According to Decision of  30.06.2021



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