Web application

Get access to My Account through the Web application, which allows you to inspect the status and changes of all your loan and deposit parties.

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How to get free user access to My Account?

1. Submit a request for access, online or at the nearest branch 

Submit request for online access
  1. Log in with the received username and password 
  2. Change the obtained password with a new one
  3. You get access to My Account

Mobile application

Download FULM Savings House’s free mobile application mFULM on your smartphone or tablet and always have a virtual branch with you.


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What is mFULM?

mFULM is a free application for mobile phones and tablets which enables easy and safe access to a large part of the services for individuals provided by FULM Savings House.

Necessary requirements to download mFULM application:
  • Mobile phone or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Access Play store 
  • Search for “mFULM”
  • Download – install the application
  • Use the advantages offered by mFULM

Gain free user access to

My Account – basic level

overview of the status and changes in all your loan and deposit parties

  • Submit a request for access, online or at the nearest branch
  • You get a username and password which you can change after the first access
  • You get access to My Account through the mobile and web application from www.fulm.com.mk from any device
My Account – advanced level

Overview + payment of loans with the possibility to print out the receipts

  • Have an already approved account access to My Account with your password
  • Submit a request for activation of payments from your phone / tablet at the nearest branch
  • Perform payments from the device on which the payment is activated

Rules for using electronic banking services
Security recommendations



Download Application

Apply Online

Loan List

  • Necessary documentation:
    • Loan application form for the student and a copy of ID (passport) and student’s transcript or a certificate from the faculty
    • Guarantor application form (a parent may act as a guarantor) and a copy of ID (passport)
    • Application forms can be obtained from: the Integrated Business Faculty, FULM Savings House website or desk offices.


  • Loan conditions:
    • The loan covers all expenses for studying and issuance.
    • The loan should be withdrawn no later than September 15th due to timely remittance and year enrollment.
    • The loan repayment starts from 1st to 15th October in 12 equal monthly instalments:
      • 44,000 denar loan with a monthly instalment of 4,136 denars for full-time students, and
      • 50,000 denar loan with a monthly instalment of 4,700 denars for part-time students.
    • The repayment needs to be completed no later than the beginning of September the following year, which is when the student submits a request for a loan for the following 12 months. The same applies for the following
    • Discounts will be provided for the following year if the loan is repaid on regular basis.

    Bonus information: A savings account with 600 denars as an initial deposit will be opened for each student.

Additional information: Call or visit the nearest branch or desk office.

* Fees are calculated according to the last valid Decision on the terms under which loans are approved and the pricelist of FULM Savings House. If they are subject to alteration or correction, the abovementioned amounts will change as well.