Студентски простор за сите студентски потреби и интереси

Student’s corner

Encouraged by the global movement of credit unions worldwide to increase the number of young members as well as the constant support of all that enriches knowledge in the lives of young people, FULM Savings House constantly supports the needs of young people through:

  • Student loans and deposits, to address the needs of students
  • Student internship, which opens up an employment opportunity
  • Cooperation with universities, faculties, student organizations, as well as
  • Cooperation with travel agencies with support of the work & travel program, alumni excursions,
  • Student education and training,
  • Fund for student scholarship and of course
  • Student experiences, retold by the students

This STUDENT’S CORNER is dedicated to everything that interests students and everything they need.

Student Loans & Deposits

The Student Loans from FULM Savings House are unique in their purpose and serve to cover students’ needs:  

  • Enrollment expenses/participation fee
  • Books and other study materials
  • Training, courses and professional specialization
  • Educational tools, internet, laptop and other means of communication,
  • Rent and expenses for studying outside the place of residence
  • Work&travel program, in order to gain practical experience or education in other countries in the world, etc.
  • Alumni excursion

Students can take out a loan from 10,000 to 700,000 MKD, with a repayment period from 12 to 72 months, and a possibility of a 12 months grace period. Choose the option that best suits your needs

Student Deposits – the entire deposit offer from FULM Savings House is available to students   



Dear Students,

Be a part of our creative and successful team through the possibility of internship in FULM Savings House! Find out what it feels like to be employed in a modern financial institution!

Perhaps you will be our future colleague!

Familiarize yourselves with the financial and banking operations through the internship program in the Head Office or in one of the branches of FULM Savings House across Macedonia: Skopje, Bitola, Kavadarci, Strumica and Tetovo.

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be undergraduate or postgraduate students;
  • Advantage will be given to students studying social sciences, in particular students of economics, law or information science;
  • The opportunity is open for students from all Faculties and Universities in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • To be able to perform the internship full time during work days.

Interested candidates can apply at: info@fulm.com.mk  and send their CV with a designation “For internship at FULM Savings House”. 

The internship can last from one to three months. Advantage will be given to candidates who will sign a contract for internship with duration of three months. The three-month long internship is paid internship.

All candidates that fulfill the requirements and enter the shortlist will be contacted for an interview.

FULM Savings House is always willing to provide student internship for students from Universities and Faculties with whom there is business cooperation and signed contracts for providing internship for students (or will establish in the future).

Cooperation with Faculties, Organizations and Agencies

FULM Savings House has established cooperation with the following faculties:

  • PHEI-HVS “Integrated Business Faculty” Skopje
  • ”Ss.Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Faculty od Economics, Skopje
  • “Goce Delcev” University in Shtip, Faculty od Economics, Skopje
  • “Integrated Business Institute” – Skopje
  • University American College – Skopje
  • European University – Skopje
  • South Eastern European University – Tetovo

FULM Savings House continuously maintains excellent business relations with:  

  • Travel and Work&Travel agencies – (Ameriquest, Narom, Kouzon, Aurora Student Service, Kontext, Asteria, Rapsody Travel, Delta Mts, etc.
  • Student organizations (SWT Alumni, AIESEC )
  • Other organizations (Alliance of Microfinance Organizations, MEDF, etc.)

In cooperation with the faculties and universities, we have created  joint package offers:    

  • FULM&IBF – joint offer for easier study

FULM Savings House in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Economics – Skopje, with a joint offer for easier studies!

  • Necessary documentation:
    • Loan application form for the student and a copy of ID (passport) and student’s transcript or a certificate from the faculty
    • Guarantor application form (a parent may act as a guarantor) and a copy of ID (passport)
    • Application forms can be obtained from: the Integrated Business Faculty, FULM Savings House website or desk offices.
  • Loan conditions:
    • The loan covers all expenses for studying and issuance.
    • The loan should be withdrawn no later than September 15th due to timely remittance and year enrollment.
    • The loan repayment starts from 1st to 15th October in 12 equal monthly instalments:
      • 44,000 denar loan with a monthly instalment of 4,136 denars for full-time students, and
      • 50,000 denar loan with a monthly instalment of 4,700 denars for part-time students.
    • The repayment needs to be completed no later than the beginning of September the following year, which is when the student submits a request for a loan for the following 12 months. The same applies for the following
    • Discounts will be provided for the following year if the loan is repaid on regular basis.

    Bonus information: A savings account with 600 denars as an initial deposit will be opened for each student.

Additional information: Call or visit the nearest branch or desk office.

* Fees are calculated according to the last valid Decision on the terms under which loans are approved and the pricelist of FULM Savings House. If they are subject to alteration or correction, the abovementioned amounts will change as well.

Student events/Training

FULM aims to inspire and motivate students towards their professional and personal development. In the past years we have organized and attended many student events, open days, presentations, trainings and workshops at the faculties and universities in the Republic of Macedonia.

Interview with last year's Student Scholarship winner, Alexandra Popova

October 14, 2020

What are you doing right now? (Are you studying, working or looking for a job?) -I’m attending Faculty. Would you like to attend an internship at FULM? -Yes, I would. Did you think the competition was rigged when you applied for the student scholarship? -No, I didn’t think that at all. How did you feel when you found out that ...

Drew Egan's address at the celebration of FULM's 20th anniversary

October 8, 2020

Watch the address of our friend Drew Egan from the Michigan Credit Union League on the occasion of FULM's 20th anniversary, with whose support the Student Scholarship Fund was established. P.S. Have you applied for this year 's Student Scholarship Competition? Hurry! There are only 2 days left until the deadline Apply at: https://www.fulm.com.mk/natprevar-za-studentska-stipendija-2020/  

Interview with Monika Stoilovska, winner of FULM's Student Scholarship for 2018

October 6, 2020

We continue with the series of interviews with previous winners of FULM's Student Scholarship. Where are they at the moment and what do they have to recommend if you want to apply for the Student Scholarship Competition? Read the answers below from the whole interview with the winner of FULM's Student Scholarship, Monika Stoilovska What are you doing right now? ...

Interview with Veronika Mitreska, winner of 2017 FULM Student Scholarship

September 28, 2020

We continue with the series of interviews with the previous winners of FULM's Student Scholarship. Where are they at the moment and what advice do they have for you if you want to apply for the Student Scholarship Competition? Read the answers below from the whole interview with the winner of the Student Scholarship, Veronika Mitreska. 1.What are you doing ...

Interview with the first winner of FULM's Student Scholarship

September 14, 2020

We start with a series of interviews with previous winners of FULM's Student Scholarship. Where are they at the moment and what advice do they have for you if you want to apply for the Student Scholarship Competition? Read the answers below from the whole interview with the first winner of the Student Scholarship, Angela Burovska.   What are you ...

  • Specialized free workshops and training under the general title “Microfinance inclusion and innovation”, a project funded by the USAID in cooperation with the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF) and the Alliance of Microfinance Organizations (MFO)

    We are confident that this training will broaden your knowledge and increase your business contacts and opportunities for employment or starting up your own business

    If you want to be part of the free training, we encourage you to apply to the following e-mail address: info@fulm.com.mk , with the following designation: Interest in free training for students, where you will state your name and surname, your membership number with FULM and your telephone number.

Student Scholarship

FULM Savings House has been part of students’ lives, wishes and dreams, since 2014 when the first student loan was approved … And this is just one more … A STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP!

FULM Macedonia, in cooperation with the Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL, USA), in 2014, established the Fund for Student Scholarship in order to support the education of young people in the Republic of Macedonia. 

  • 2019. Congratulations to Ana Popova and Gjorgji Mitrevski who are the winners of the fifth student scholarship competition at FULM & Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates (USA). Your ideas for "What can we do together for the betterment of our citizens?" they were really inspiring and helped us shape our movement in the future. We at FULM Savings House are proud to have had the opportunity to meet and reward you! We believe that you will make us proud of your future achievements in education!
    We continue to be the strongest student support!
  • 2018. Congratulations to Monika Stoilovska for winning the fourth competition for a student scholarship at FULM & Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates (USA) as well as for the special work of Damjan Serafimovski and Teodor Danilov! The start-up business ideas of these wonderful young people were chosen as the best! We at FULM Savings House are proud to have had the opportunity to meet and reward them! We continue to be the strongest student support!.
  • 19 октомври, 2017 October 19th, 2017 at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Bitola, "St. Kliment Ohridski " University Celebration of the World Credit Union (ICU) Day and announcement of the winner and recipient of the student scholarship for 2017, Veronika Mitreska, a student at the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus", Skopje. Veronica, whose narrative achieved the highest number of points, won at the competition for the student scholarship entitled: My Work & Travel Dream. Gratitude to the Work & Travel agencies - FULM collaborators and the wonderful hosts, certificates and gifts for the new FULM scholarship holder and for the most inspiring winning Work & Travel Dream by Angela Atanasova, student at the Faculty of Philosophy at UGD Shtip, at the organized Facebook competition. .
  • October 20, 2016 – – Winner of the Student Scholarship was Andrijana Dimitrijevikj, a student at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, who achieved highest score in the competition on credit unions organized by FULM, in competition with more than 100 candidates. The central event for the celebration of the International Credit Union Day and awarding the scholarship was held at UKiM – Faculty of Economics – Skopje. The winner of the scholarship and Bojan Lozanoski, who won second place, also received a savings passbook from FULM Savings House with a member deposit as an incentive for saving and investing in their own future.

  • October, 15th2015 -  We got the first FULM scholarship holder. We organized a Competition for writing an essay entitled: The significance of credit unions for the world and for Macedonia. Students from all universities in the Republic of Macedonia had the right to participate in the competition. A special commission reviewed the submitted essays and the winner announced – Angela Burovska, a student at the Faculty of Economics, Ss.Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. The award ceremony for announcing and presenting the Award Certificate for the Essay competition was held on October 15th 2015, on the International Credit Union Day at FULM Savings House - Branch JSP, Aerodrom.


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